Thomas Brazil, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer for Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS), Inc.Thomas Brazil is the Chief Digital & Innovation Officer for Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS), Inc. ( He is a Certified Manager of Innovation and a board member of the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP), the largest and only ISO and ANSI-recognized global certifying body for innovation professionals. His career as an innovator began in the Air Force and continued over the last 34 years at Unisys, Systar and Axway before joining ICS in 2016. At Axway, Brazil served as Corporate Fellow, Chief Architect and Analytics Product Line Director. While at Axway Brazil led its “Analytics for Industries” initiative, with a focus on creating Operational Intelligence & Analytics solutions that provide “Actionable Insight” to key management and operational personas all along the Supply Chain. Axway acquired Systar in 2014 where Brazil worked for 21 years in a variety of management roles including Research and Development, Products and Solutions and led their innovation team. As head of the Systar Innovation Team, Brazil led his group in creating multiple breakthrough innovations related to Business Activity Monitoring, Situational Context Awareness, Operational Intelligence and Analytics. While at Unisys during Desert Storm, Brazil developed and implemented urgent wartime innovations that led to a commendation from the U.S. Congress. At ICS, Brazil

Brazil’s functional, analytical and innovation skills have made him a sought-after high-level consultant for industries such as financial services, healthcare and supply chain. Brazil has provided consulting for 10 of the top 15 financial institutions in the world and numerous Fortune 100 firms in industries related to logistics, telecommunications and financial markets. Brazil is a frequently requested speaker at both National and local technology and innovation conferences, including those hosted by NDIA, AFCEA (MITS), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFITC. The 2019 AFITC will be his third time presenting at the conference, and he will also be speaking at the upcoming 22nd annual NDIA Systems & Mission Engineering conference this October in Tampa, FL. His upcoming book, “Implementing the Agile Innovation Master Plan” will be published this fall. He also contributed to the renowned PMI expert Dr. Harold Kerzner’s latest book, “Innovation Project Management,” and was a contributing author to the IAOIP Innova-Con book, titled “Disruption.”

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